Welcome to HelpIM


Right now we are moving our source code repository and issue tracker. The sources and issues on this page are for HelpIM 2.x and 3.0. The source code, issues, readme and the developers wiki for the current version, 3.1, is at Github: https://github.com/e-hulp/HelpIM

About HelpIM

HelpIM is an open source (GPL) application designed for psycho-social counselling by instant messaging. Key benefits are:

  • client can contact with almost any browser, no additional software is needed
  • designed with security and privacy in mind
  • highly extensible and configurable
  • easy interface for staff members
  • easy management
  • possibilities for quality control and reviewing of counseling
  • overview of management information

Among the configurable functionalities are:

  • questionnaires before and after the chat for the client
  • questions after the chat for the staff-member
  • registration-system
  • advanced statistics
  • group chat
  • typing notification
  • smiley's
  • sending / receiving urls
  • restoring a chat after a broken connection
  • ... and many more


Right now HelpIM is the most used software for psycho-social counseling chats in the Netherlands. HelpIM is maintained by the e-hulp.nl foundation. Its current maintainer is Winfried Tilanus.


End user documentation

The documentation on HelpIM is mainly in Dutch and mainly aimed at end-users. Most documentation is custom-written for a several specific sites. Technical documentation is more limited. The documentation can be found here.

Documentation for system administrators

Some information for system administrators can be found here.

Developers documentation

A read-only subversion repository can be found at http://www.helpim.org/subversion/. Feel free to do a subversion checkout and take a look at the source. More information for developing on HelpIM can be found here...